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Fundamentally redesigning student employment

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Work+ empowers working students to engage meaningfully with their work

Work+ fundamentally redesigns student employment so that it aligns to a student’s career goals. This provides students with a life transformative education that develops their sense of identity, agency, and purpose.

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Skill Building: Level 1 of Work+ helps working learners deepen their knowledge of essential career skills and the NACE career competencies. This knowledge is then used to identify and level-up those skills within their current position.

Work+ working learners were asked to retrospectively rate their own abilities before and after completing Level 1. The graph to the right shows that working learners felt more confident in those skills across the board after completing Level 1. Click here for additional survey detail. 


1 - No Knowledge 2 - Some Knowledge 3 - Moderate Knowledge 4 - A Lot of Knowledge




Storytelling: Level 2 helps students articulate the skills gained from their position and teaches them how to shape it into their professional story. This focus on storytelling and reflection teaches them how to highlight their abilities and experiences.

Work+ working learners showed improved skills in each of the Level 2 outcomes based on retrospective self-ratings.


1 - No Knowledge 2 - Some Knowledge 3 - Moderate Knowledge 4 - A Lot of Knowledge

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