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Work+ empowers working students to engage meaningfully with their work

Work+ fundamentally redesigns student employment so that it aligns to a student’s career goals. This provides students with a life transformative education that develops their sense of identity, agency, and purpose.

About Work+

Work+ benefits

Work+ provides an opportunity for working learners to develop:

Students discover who they are and their place in the world.

An awareness of what they can do with what they learn, and a sense of empowerment that comes from successfully applying knowledge to authentic problems.

Societal consciousness and intrinsic motivation to use what is learned.

Work+ benefits

Work+ provides opportunities to grow and apply the skills and mindsets for the digital future. Working learners access a myriad of resources to develop 8 work competencies valued by employers as top career readiness characteristics.

Work+ benefits

With Work+, working learners discover how to be more self-aware through personal reflections. They learn how to use these reflections in storytelling and, over time, build a meaningful, inspiring personal and professional story. This new methodology nurtures a lifelong ability to describe work and learning experiences to potential employers.

Work+ benefits

In departments embedding Work+, supervisors expand their roles to act as career guides and mentors to their working learners. In what is called Work+ Team, Supervisors meet regularly with their working learners, support their professional goals, and guide them in growing and applying new skills.

For Students

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For Staff

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