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You can provide an incredible opportunity for students who are working while going to school by helping them learn and practice critical skill sets and preparing them for their next steps after ASU.

How It Works

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Ensuring students’ work experiences are dynamic professional development opportunities requires the intentional support and structure provided by Work+.

As a supervisor in the Work+ model, you expand your role to serve as a mentor to working learners, to better support their professional and personal goals, and prepare them for their entry into the workforce after graduation. You will help them acquire essential competencies and gain the kind of occupational proficiency often possessed by people who are thriving in their careers. Actively participating in Work+ will empower students to engage meaningfully with their work, their professional story, and their role and place in the world.

As a supervisor and mentor, you play a critical role in assisting students in understanding how their work can connect to their long-term career goals.

Take an expanded role supporting working learners through the personalization of an enhanced working experience.

Meet regularly with working learners, identify opportunities for growth and encourage their professional goals.

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Work+ Teams

Join our growing list of departments who are seeing the value Work+ brings to students and staff. You can successfully participate in a life-transformative education that develops a working learner’s sense of identity, agency, and purpose.

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American Indian Student Support Services
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How to participate

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More and more units are taking part in Work+. They see the opportunity to fundamentally reshape student employment as a vehicle for personal and professional growth.

Our team supports you in redesigning your student jobs in alignment with Work+, invests in your mentoring skills, and guides you in better integrating work and learning.