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Plan your Work+ journey

As you explore the Work+ Foundation training module (accessible from the Work+ pathway in Canvas), you will learn about the 8 career-readiness competencies and the myriad of resources available to personalize your Work+ journey.

It’s a good idea to assess your skills by talking to your supervisor or using SkillSurvey Career readiness service. You can then plan which competency to focus on in a given semester.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint! It’s perfectly fine to focus on one competency at a time and build over the course of your stay at ASU a comprehensive professional story.

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Seek opportunities to advance your goals

Work+ includes access to skill training to explore career readiness competencies and more in-depth courses to go beyond, including CareerEdge and LinkedIn Learning.

Talk to your supervisor about you career goals and your Work+ plan. Seek feedback often. Supervisors in units that are embedding Work+ have received additional training around mentoring.

Still not finding the right opportunity? Work+ is more than a program. It’s a community. Join regular events and speaker series to network and get inspired. Consider exploring some micro-projects with your supervisor to go beyond your day to day tasks.

Looking for a job? ASU has more than 10,000 student workers. Check the listings below to find an opportunity that suits you!

Student Employment Opportunities

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Reflect and learn

Work+ uses a novel approach to reflection to help you realize your learning goals: Storytelling. Stories are powerful tools to articulate your experiences. We use them all the time in our personal lives and professional careers.

You will go through cycles of self-reflection, structured story crafting and a powerful peer feedback process. Peers will help you refine your Professional Story and rehearse it. When you find your dream job, you’ll inspire others to team up with you!

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Participate to make Work+ even better

As a Work+ community member, we want your help to keep improving Work+. You’ll get opportunities to join working learners panels and network with professionals.

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