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As a working learner, your job is about your readiness for the future. Learn how Work+ helps you develop essential skills and build your Professional Story so you can be ready for the workforce of tomorrow.

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Spark your career through your student work experience

Work+ redesigns student employment so that it aligns with your career goals. As a working learner, you’ll become ready to jump into your career upon graduation by obtaining a strategic set of tools that include practical work experience and essential competencies such as collaboration and leadership.

Essential to Work+ is creating your Professional Story to effectively articulate your university experiences both in and outside of the classroom. You will work with your colleagues and peers to reflect on your own professional experiences so you can clarify your career interests and express how you can contribute to potential employers.


Assess your proficiency in 8 key career-readiness competencies (source: NACE).


Get in-depth training for select competencies aligned with your goals.


Reflect on experiences and tap into the power of storytelling to present your professional narrative.

Get feedback

Gain input from your peers and mentoring from your supervisor.


Collect and showcase digital badges for each competency.


Connect with a vibrant community of peers, mentors, alumni, and professionals to network.

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